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      I would like to know what AccessibleRelation.LABELLED_BY is used for, i.e., using AccessibleRelation.LABELLED_BY and AccessibleRelation.LABEL_FOR has no effect on what a screen reader such as JAWS reads. There are other ones too that as far as I can tell have no use.

      My real problem deals with a JPanel's titled border text not being read. I have a JCombobox with a label inside of a JPanel which has a titled border. When focus is moved to the JCombobox the title border text is read followed by the label followed by the JCombobox's button text being read. Note that the title border text was read first.

      I have another JPanel inside of the first one with accessibility text and put a control such as a JRadio button with a label inside. When the radeo button gets focus the JPanels accessibility text is read followed by the radio button text BUT not the titled border text. Any ideas how to fix this? I can't figure out how JCombobox is able to get all three accessibility text to be read.