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    Trouble Setting Host Definition for MDEXHost

      Hi all,

      We are having some trouble setting the Host Definition during both the Baseline_Update, as well as the InitializeServices command.

      Here is the scenario - we have an App Server (where the ITL runs, as well as all our baseline updates etc...) and a Tier Server (Where the MDEX Engines / Dgraphs sit).

      In our environment.properties (which is the file that is used to determine the appropriate servers to go to for each part of the Endeca Implementation), we have the following (server names changed)


      Now, it seems as though the DGraphs are "unreachable" when we view it through the admin console. We have pinged the TierServer from the AppServer, and get a response. In addition, we have also telneted from the AppServer to the TierServer on the appropriate port (8888), and have no issues, so it seems to rule out the different subnet access etc...

      Here is the error we are seeing: Error connecting to 'MDEXHost1' with hostname/port 'TierServer:8888'.

      Could someone maybe point us in the right direction? This was working previously, and no one knows what has changed in the past week.