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    Call Dashboard

      I have a question about calling dashboard.
      By weblink field,I call dashboard from opportunity page.The dashboard is designed a prompt and a report.
      And I want it to be firltered by one field.Thus I want it to work the prompt automatically.But I can't.
      Are there any way to call filtered dashboard?
      Thank you for your cooperation.
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          Hi, this is possible.
          First create a dashboard as usually with prompt section and report section. After that open this dashboard and look into properties of this dashbord (right click on the dashboard->properties/page info). You will find the address of this dashboard, like this:
          [https://secure-ausomxXXX.crmondemand.com/OnDemand/user/Dashboard?OMTHD=ShowDashboard&OMTGT=ReportIFrame&SelDashboardFrm.Dashboard%20Type=%2Fshared%2FCompany_AGFA-XXXXX_Shared_Folder%2F_portal%2FMy%20Dashboard] where "My Dashboard" is the name of the dashboard.

          Then take this url: [https://secure.crmondemand.com/OnDemand/user/analytics/saw.dll?Dashboard&PortalPath=%2fshared%2fCompany_AGFA-XXXXX_Shared_Folder%2f_portal%2fMy+Dashboard&Page=Account+Report&Action=Navigate&P0=3&P1=eq&P2=Account.Owner&P3=%%%Owner_Alias%%%&P4=eq&P5=Account."Account Name"&P6=%%%Name%%%&P7=eq&P8="- Account Custom Attributes".TEXT_31&P9=%%%stSite%%%] and replace PortalPath parameter with Type parameter from previous address and of course adjust Page (Tab name) and P1-P9 (filter criteria) for your needs.
          Hope this will help you.
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            Thank you very much for answering.
            I could call dashboard from weblink field by using the way which you told me.

            But another problem occurs.
            My customer uses Windows7 and IE9.
            On this environment,the search function by prompt doesn't work.

            But from dashboard Tab,the prompt work.Only the dashboard called from weblink,prompt doesn't work.
            Do you know why?

            Sorry for my poor English.
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              I am using W7 and IE9 and I've just checked my weblinks which calling dashboard und they are working smoothly. Try to check your weblink on another computer with W7 and IE9 to be sure that this is not an exception due to IE specific settings.
              I would also recommend you to buy very helpful book about this subject "Oracle CRM On Demand Dashboards" from Michael D. Lairson.
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                I'll try after reading that book.
                Thank you.
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                  The filter values should be passed in the URL.