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    RMS webservice installation

      Hi all,

      Can anyone give me the documents to install RMS webservice or help to do the same.
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          Kalyan Pasupuleti-Oracle

          It seems that there missing of Oracle11g webservices jar files.

          1. Download and review the readme and pre-requisites for Patch 13627886 RMS 13.1.5
          (RMS 13.1.5 includes the fix to unpublished Bug 13036336 )

          2. Ensure that you have taken a backup of your system before applying the recommended patch.

          3. Apply the patch in a test environment.

          4. Confirm the following file versions:
          Missing11g.jar 1.0
          Dbwsclientdb11.jar 1.0

          5. Retest the issue.

          6. Migrate the solution as appropriate to other environments.