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    Siebel upgrade from - host with multiple components

      Hi all,

      I'm running some tests of an update from Siebel SIA to in preparation for a Production upgrade. Our entire estate is Windows based, currently running Windows Server 2008. The update is not working as I expected.

      On one machine I have the Gateway and a Siebel Server (Object Manager). On another machine, I have a Siebel Server (eDocument).

      - Upgrading the single server (eDocument) using the new OUI installer seems to work fine
      - Upgrading the host with Gateway AND Siebel Server (Object Manager) seems to fail - where a DLL exists in both Gateway AND Server (i.e. sssaadmn.dll), only the Gateway DLL gets updated

      The result is that the Siebel Server (Object Manager) on the same host as the Gateway fails to start, with 'cannot load xxx.dll' appearing throughout the server and component logs. The single server (eDocument) seems to start fine with all components showing as 'Running' and visible through srvrmgr.

      Has anyone performed an update with the OUI based installers and had a similar problem? Any idea how to resolve?

      Thanks for your thoughts!