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    Rule table error in OPM 10.4

      I converted a rulebase from 10.3 (no errors) to 10.4. Conversion was successful. However, I received an error during compilation in a rule table, saying "Error: 0 is not a valid text for identifying attribute <attribute name>" and "Error: InstanceCount(the people) is not a valid text for identifying attribute <attribute name>". I checked the attribute editor and the properties file and found the attribute type to be 'Number' in both cases. Please tell me why this error occurs. The rule table is very important in the rulebase.
      PS: Please give me a solution if possible.

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          Brad Tuckett   ----Oracle
          Solution: change the identifying attribute of your entity to a text attribute.

          The identifying attribute is used in substituting the entity text within decision reports, screen labels etc. In OPA v10.4, the identifying attribute is also used to identify inferred entity instances, which is why the validation is more strict - although the requirement for the identifying attribute to be a text attribute has always existed. Therefore ensure that the correct attribute is being assigned as the identifying attribute for your entities, and if necessary create an inferred text attribute that is equivalent to the number attribute you are currently using and make that the identifying attribute.

          See the topic "Define an entity" in the Oracle Policy Modeling User's Guide for further details on identifying attributes.
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            I can understand the complexity. I have solved it differently, but my colleague says it would be better if I could have the same rule table in working condition.
            PS: In the same document, there were other rule tables for inferring number attributes . They were working properly.
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              Davin Fifield-Oracle
              You will have to have a separate number attribute that is not the identifying attribute, and use that in your Excel table.

              Then change the identifying attribute to be of type Text, and use a rule to assign it the value of the number attribute set in the Excel rule table.