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    Maintenace Wizard Issue - Invalid value for REMOTE_EOF_HOME

      Hello Everyone:

      I configured the Maintenanance Wizard tool 2.18 and applied the latest live patch 2.19, as per configuration step 1 of MW tool I am in process of running the buildftp.sh. I cannot run this script I am encountering the following errors. I already checked and verifed that the EOF_HOME is a directory called (eof) on my remote system and it's not a directory path.

      Also I checked the buildftp.sh shell script it's try logon to sqlplus as a user $EOFUSER/$PASSWORD, basically this user doesn't exist in the database.

      ORA-01005: null password given, logon denied

      sp2-0640: not connected
      ap2-0670: Internal number conversion failed


      Project node configuration has failed with the problem(s) below!!

      invalid value for remote_eof_home

      I appreciated if someone can shed some light on this issue how to resolve this problem.