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    dbconsole wont start after password changes

      I have an oracle database on a test windows image that i haven't used for a while. the passwords for lots of accounts had expired, including MGMT_VIEW. I have reset the password on the account to MGMT_VIEW without realising that wasn't the original password for this account and also that you should not touch the password for this account (although what you are supposed to do with it, when Oracle is complaining that the password has expired, is another question). Now however, the dbconsole won't start up at all.

      the release of Oracle is

      1) Is there anything that can now be done to "fix" the dbconsole ?

      2) where are the logs for the dbconsole that would explain why it is failing to start ?

      I realise now (now everything has failed!) that MGMT_VIEW is a super important account and you should never touch its password (because it will break lots of things!) but it is done now and i need help to get my database working again.

      sorry for the stupid question but hope someone has some hints.