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    Reports Server Queue via HTTPS

      We have Fusion Middleware Forms and Reports 11g (11.1.2) configured for HTTPS.

      I'm accessing the Reports Server Queue via https://<hostname>/reports/rwservlet/showjobs?server=<RptSvrName>. It comes up fine but when I click a Job Name (to view report) or Job Status (for a failed report), it uses HTTP to try to display, and since that is disabled I get "Connection refused". I can then change the URL from http: to https: and see the results that I want.

      Is there a way to configure the Report Server Queue to default to HTTPS instead of HTTP?

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          Emmett Clark
          Did you get an answer to this?
          We recently upgraded from to and we are now faced with the same problem.
          Prior to upgrade all was fine.
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            Hi Kevin,

            In the WebLogic Administration Console, there is a setting for WLS_REPORTS called "WebLogic Plug-In Enabled" which controls whether the Report Server Queue defaults to HTTP or HTTPS. If you are running your Forms and Reports 11gR2 (11.1.2) environment using SSL (HTTPS), having this property enabled will allow you to view the reports jobs using HTTPS without having to manually change the URL. The following steps will allow you to make this change:

            1. Log into your WebLogic Administration Console.
            2. Go to Environment --> Servers.
            3. Click on WLS_REPORTS.
            4. Make sure you are in the Configuration tab and the General sub-tab.
            5. Click "Lock & Edit" in the Change Center in the top-left of the console.
            6. Scroll to the bottom and expand "Advanced".
            7. Place a check mark next to "WebLogic Plug-In Enabled".
            8. Click "Save" either at the very top or very bottom of the page.
            9. Click "Activate Changes" in the Change Center to save your changes.
            10. Restart your WLS_REPORTS server.

            After applying the steps above, when calling https://<hostname>/reports/rwservlet/showjobs?server=<RptSvrName>, you can view all reports jobs automatically with HTTPS.

            NOTE: This should also work for Forms and Reports as well.

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