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    How in increase thoughput of LAUD_DEQUEUE ?

      Hi folks, PCG 7.3.2

      As a result of not keeping on top of the volume of processing, and adjusting DEQUEUE frequency, customer now has 21 MILLION Rows in LA_GPS_QUEUE
      For the last 2 weeks, DEQUEUE is barely keeping up with new data, and they have it running 3 minutes after last completion, so it is almost running around the clock.

      They are monitoring 67 tables mostly static, but 2 are transactional tables.

      they have the indexes suggested in Note 1300897.1

      The deque program runtime is usually 1-4 hours... but there is not pattern.
      It never cleans the queue entirely, just randomly terminates.

      If we can get their queue cleaned out they can make a better job at monitoring and running the dequeue (which they are reluctant to run too often due to overall system performance impact) appropriately.

      So, how can we increase the throughput of the dequeue process.
      Or enable it to run until queue is clean ?