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    Calculation Manager Release Patch Set Update (PSU) is posted

    Sree Menon-Oracle
      Defects Fixed in this Patch
      · 14056352 - If IE's browser language is set to Chinese, you may not be able to export Consolidation rules using Calculation Manager via LCM.

      · 14069884 - Functions: @MBRPARENT, @BETWEEN,@EQUAL, @EXPAND, @LIKE, @MBRCOMPARE, @NOTEQUAL, and @TODAY, were missing in Calculation Manager

      · 14128035 - Using a template in a rule, it may put default values for DTP's that were not prompted by the wizard

      · 14279239 - Custom defined function may not validate in Calculation Manager

      · 14298044 Using LCM to migrate Calculation Manager Rules from one application to another may not work. To get the complete fix please apply Oracle Hyperion Shared Services PSU (14142678).

      · 14342781 - Using a run time prompt variable with a Custom defined function may not produce the prompt for the variable, and therefore may not launch the rule

      · 14382653 - Calculation Manager may time out when running a calc script on a Essbase ASO cube

      Sree Menon