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    Dynamic Invocation of portlets


      I have created portlets and able to deploy them in webcenter portal application successfully at run time.
      My qstn is, how can we invoke portlets dynamically(by Sending some parameters).........?

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          Daniel Merchán

          Are you referring to pass parameters to portlets at runtime?, design time?. Can you explain a little more invoke portlets "dynamically?"

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            yeah its run-time,

            My Scenario is:

            I have two taskflows deployed as portlets,
            One TaskFlow having table containing a list of 3 rows,where each row represents a unique graph in another taskflow.
            Other TaskFlow contains three deployed graphs.
            Intially, second portlet must be empty...whenever user selects particular row in first portlet, respective graph should be displayed.

            Note: I thought use InterPortlet Communication between those two portlets and to pass some unique value(may be Id) as a parameter.

            Is there any other way of implementing...?

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              Yannick Ongena
              You have to use contextual events because you are using taskflows as portlets.
              Because you are inside a taskflow, the PortletRequest will not be available because it is handled by the taskflow controller. Therefore you need to use contextual events and expose them as portlet events.
              An event can have a payload which can be the ID of the record you select.
              Simalar as explained here: http://yonaweb.be/inter_component_communication_between_taskflows_adf_and_webcenter
              But you also have to expose the event as a portlet event.
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