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    BPEL Worklist SSO using OAM Logout Issue

      We are working on a project in our organization to use OAM as SSO solution. BPEL Worklist is one of the partner applications authenticated through OAM. I followed the SOA deployment guide to integrate SOA with OAM. Right now the login of BPEL Worklist application is working:
      ---I enter the BPEL Worklist application URL configured in OHS (http://localhost:port/integration/worklistapp) in browser, the OAM SSO login page is displayed;
      ---After username/credential is typed in, BPEL Worklist console is displayed;
      --- Then I can go to other OAM protected partner applications directly without login; and
      --- Go back to BPEL Worklist console without login.

      However, when I click the 'logout' button from BPEL Worklist console, the BPEL Worklist application's default login page is displayed instead of the OAM logout page. After that, I can go to BPEL Worklist again without need of login if I type the URL (http://localhost:port/integration/worklistapp) in browser to bypass the BPEL Worklist default login page. So the OAM SSO logout seems like never happened and the OAM logut URL is not invoked at all.

      I have followed the instruction in SOA integration with OAM carefully. Just not sure why the logout doesn't work, but the login works.

      Any clue will be appreciated and helpful.