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    Simple Question - attribute alternative text within the same Word doc

    Paul Fowler
      ok. I am having a brain freeze and can't locate the answer in the OPA help. Simple question.

      Is there a simple way to alias an attribute for use in Word?

      For instance the following two conclusions create 2 attributes where I only want 1 attribute.

      the annual percentage rate = 6
      APR = the annual percentage rate

      Is there a configuration option or something to alias APR as the annual percentage rate for use in Word? I want to use either in the same Word document. Something in my head tells me I saw that once before, but all of a sudden I have a brain freeze.

      Sorry for such a simple question, but sometimes I get too deep in the weeds.
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          Jasmine Lee-Oracle
          Hi Paul,

          You may be thinking of the OPA legend style. In the Office 2007 OPM ribbon it's called Table Legend, but I believe it works with non-table rules in Word as well - it certainly used to.

          It's an OPA rule style which can be used when you want to refer to a shorthand version of an attribute, e.g. "APR" instead of "the annual percentage rate". I believe it only applies to the rule immediately below where it has been set in the doc, and not the entire doc.

          I did a quick search in the OPM Help and found references to the legend style, but I didn't find a description of the functionality (I didn't search too thoroughly though).

          Here basically how it works...

          Above the rule write the shorthand version, then the word "is", then the full attribute text, e.g.
          APR is the annual percentage rate
          Side note: I always bold the "is" in the legend line. This is not required, but I like to do it because it makes it clearer at a glance which part is the shorthand and which part is the full attribute text.

          Then apply the Table Legend style to the line, then put your Word table or regular rule below it, e.g.
          [legend]APR is the annual percentage rate
          the result = APR * 10 
          I use this functionality occasionally. Usually it's when I've got calculations in Word tables and I'm trying to make the left hand column more readable, e.g. using something "APR" in the formula so that it doesn't take up so much space.

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            Paul Fowler
            That's it!!!

            I was banging my head against the wall trying to remember how to do that.

            Yup, I have some financial calculations in a word table that I would like to make more readable.

            Thank you very much.