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    Autoconfig error while upgrading Apps to 11g database

      I am upgrading our EBS environment to database from

      After applying patches, I ran autoconfig and got the following error. We do have custom templates.

      Template shipped by oracle is having a version different than the template lying in custom directory.

      Template shipped by Oracle : /f01/appldev/devappl/fnd/11.5.0/admin/template/httpd_ux_ias1022.conf(version: 115.76)

      Custom template : /f01/appldev/devappl/fnd/11.5.0/admin/template/custom/httpd_ux_ias1022.conf(version: 115.68)
      Please resolve the differences between the two templates or refer to metalink note 165195.1 for further details.

      What does it mean by resolving differences between the two templates? What is that I should do? Thanks.