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    CIM_BaseMetricValue, Definition instances


      I'm currently working to build a SBLIM CIM client that communicates with CIM Server (OpenPegasus).

      The goal of the client is to obtain performance data from the Server. I was able to enumerate instances for CIM_OperatingSystem and CIM_UnixProcess but not for CIM_BaseMetricValue.

      Here is the basic enumeration code:
      Namespace = root/cimv2
      Classname = CIM_BaseMetricValue

      final CloseableIterator<CIMInstance> iterator = pClient.enumerateInstances(
      new CIMObjectPath(null, null, null, pNamespace, pClassName, null), true, false,
      false, null);
      try {
      final List<CIMInstance> result = new ArrayList<CIMInstance>();
      while (iterator.hasNext()) {
      final CIMInstance instance = iterator.next();

      The return value of the iterator is Null for classname = CIM_BaseMetricValue or CIM_BaseMetricDefinition

      Here are some more details:

      # cimprovider --version
      Version 2.9.1

      # cimprovider -ls
      OperatingSystemModule OK
      ComputerSystemModule OK
      ProcessModule OK
      cmpiOSBase_BaseBoardProvider OK
      cmpiOSBase_ComputerSystemProvider OK
      cmpiOSBase_CSBaseBoardProvider OK
      cmpiOSBase_CSProcessorProvider OK
      cmpiOSBase_OperatingSystemProvider OK
      cmpiOSBase_OperatingSystemStatisticalDataProvider OK
      cmpiOSBase_OperatingSystemStatisticsProvider OK
      cmpiOSBase_OSProcessProvider OK
      cmpiOSBase_ProcessorProvider OK
      cmpiOSBase_RunningOSProvider OK
      cmpiOSBase_UnixProcessProvider OK
      OSBase_MetricElementConformsToProfileProvider OK
      OSBase_MetricRegisteredProfileProvider OK
      OSBase_MetricDefForMEProvider OK
      OSBase_MetricElementCapabilitiesProvider OK
      OSBase_MetricForMEProvider OK
      OSBase_MetricGathererProvider OK
      OSBase_MetricHostedServiceProvider OK
      OSBase_MetricIndicationProvider OK
      OSBase_MetricInstanceProvider OK
      OSBase_MetricLifeCycleProvider OK
      OSBase_MetricRepositoryServiceProvider OK
      OSBase_MetricServiceAffectsElementProvider OK
      OSBase_MetricServiceCapabilitiesProvider OK
      OSBase_MetricServiceProvider OK
      OSBase_MetricDefinitionProvider OK
      OSBase_MetricValueProvider OK

      The gatherer and repository are up and sampling:
      # gatherctl
      Status initialized and sampling, 6 plugins and 20 metrics.
      # reposctl
      Status initialized, 6 plugins and 69 metrics.

      So, why am i not getting any instance for these two classes CIM_BaseMetricValue, Definition?

      Is there a different approach to get the Base Metric values ?

      Any help in this regard is very much appreciated. I spent more than two week trying to figure what I’m doing wrong, but made no progress.

      Thanks in advance,