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    SmartView Error for HFM

      Hi All,

      I am getting below error while retrieving data from SmartView HFM

      Unknown Error in HFMproviderData at the root level is invalid. Line1, Position 1.

      Greatly appreciated for your Help!!

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          you can check the smartview options "clear zeros" and "clear no data".


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            I recently ran into this same issue when opening a saved ad-hoc grid in Smart View. What caused the error for us was when the user had created and saved the ad-hoc grid, their smart view setting was set to "Member Name and Description" for Member Name Display. When they re-opened the ad-hoc grid, their setting stayed on their current setting of "Member Name Only". When the user typed in an appropriate entity and account and refreshed the the grid to get the newest information, this error showed up.


            In our case, the solution was to flip the setting back to "Member Name and Description", then refresh the ad-hoc grid. Once the error went away, we were then able to change the setting back to "Member Name Only" and continue working with our ad-hoc grid.


            We are on Smartview (upgrading to soon).




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              Pease see Doc ID 1361427.1 (text copied below):


              Applies to:

              Hyperion Financial Management - Version and later

              Information  in this document applies to any platform.


              The below error occurs during refresh in a Smart View version enabled work sheet:


              Unknown Error in HfmProviderData at the Root Level Is Invalid. Line 1, Position 1.


              Only certain users experience this issue. When using a web debugger (e.g. Fiddler), the following information can be found in trace file:

              "Unknown Error in HFMProviderData at the root level is invalid. Line 1, position 1.StartIndex cannot be less than zero. Parameter name: startIndex "

              < ?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?><exception errcode="10000" native="-1" type="warning"><desc>Unknown Error in HFMProviderData at the root level is invalid. Line 1, position 1.</desc><details from="HFMwsMetadata.GetDefaultPOV.">StartIndex cannot be less than zero.
              Parameter name: startIndex</details></exception>


              This issue will normally start after upgrading Hyperion Financial Managment to PSU 101 or 102.  These versions added functionality to store the users last Point of View (POV) from a user's Ad Hoc grid, so that they would not have to reset their POV every time they create a new Ad Hoc grid in Smart View.


              The issue is caused by an incomplete POV being written to the users last POV in the UserParams table in the Hyperion Financial Management repository database. The Smart View provider expects to see all 12 POV members but only gets fewer from the database.


              This can be solved by deleting the users POV data from the USERPARAMS table in HFM repository database. The below SQL statement may be used to remove the problem record for one user.  <username> is the name of the user affected and <appname> is the name of the HFM application.


              Note: Make a full backup of the the database before attempting any direct changes in HFM repository.

              DELETE FROM <appname>_USERPARAMS WHERE Username like '<username>@%' and Parameterkey = 'UserMbrSel'

              This will remove the record from the the USERPARAMS table that is causing this issue.


              The USERPARAMS table also stores user-based information such as HFM Cluster settings, Extended Analytics settings, Web Data Entry Form settings, Web Based Report Files. Changing the above SQL statement could remove these settings as well.


              This issue is fixed in Patch 13341269 Oracle Hyperion® Financial Management Release Patch Set Exception.