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    ORA-01400 in Mapping

      Hi everybody,

      i created a mapping that loads data from an external table to the destination table.
      The external table contains less fields than the destination table, so i leave these fields unconnected.
      Verifying and delpoying the mapping works fine. So i did a test of the mapping.

      Now a warning occurs "ORA-01400: cannot insert null into tablename.fieldname". But the field which is complained is one of the unconnected fields in my mapping.
      But in the destination table this field is defined as NOT NULL.

      Is it possible to get rid of these warning?

      I hope my problem comes clear.

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          Sutirtha Roy
          What you are trying is like

          Target table has 3 column . source has 2 column and those 2 gets connected to your target . The un-connected column is defined as not null .

          Now when your code runs it inserts value for 2 column and a null value being passed to your 3rd target column.
          Oracle does not like this and it gives error.

          If you remove not null column then this issue will not come other wise set a default value to this column so that when your code runs it inserts value for 2 column and oracle privieds the default value to the 3rd column.

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            thanks for the reply.

            I hoped that there is any other workaround, because this column is filled by an other process.
            But ok, i have to talk with the customer and try to evaluate if i can change the column to nullable.