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    AIA Question: COM and SOM are in different OSM instances

      Hi All !

      I've tried to install the Order-to-Activate Components in my local environment.

      When I configure "OracleComms_OSM_O2A_COMSOM_TypicalSolution" in the same server the SOM Provisioning Order has been created sucessfully.

      But during the Order-to-Activate Components installation in the "Configuring WebLogic Server Resources" step, I decided to use the typical topology deploying central order management (COM) and service order management (SOM) in different OSM instances.

      After configure WebLogic Server Components in both machines (COM - SOM) I deployed "OracleComms_OSM_O2A_COM_TypicalSolution" in my local machine and "OracleComms_OSM_O2A_SOM_Solution" in other machine. But When I'm in testing time the COM order can't create the SOM Provisioning Order in the other machine.

      What Do I need to configure to be available to create SOM Provisioning Orders in a different machine following the proposed model ?

      Best Regards