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    Change location of BI Publisher catalog using WLST

    Christian Erlinger

      I am not quite sure if this question is better off in the BI Publisher forum, but since there are no questions regarding WLST in the Publisher forum I guess this place is more apropriate to ask WLST related questions...If I am wrong the moderators are free to move/lock the thread ;)

      I am using OBIEE 11g 64bit on a Server 2008 R2 Standard; the weblogic server version would be 10.3.5.
      I am trying to automate pushing changes from DEV to PROD and figured WLST is a nice tool to do so. I already found solutions to upload a new .rpd file and change the path to the webcatalog (over here for those who are interested) and now the only thing left is changing the catalog type and the location of the publisher catalog.
      Does anyone know how to do that using WLST? I am happy with RTFM or LMGTFY links as well, as so far the documentation/MOS/google didn't provide me with useful things but maybe I simply used the wrong search terms...

      As already said the ultimate goal would be to automate moving changes from DEV to PROD, so I am happy with different solutions for the base problem as well but I guess this question really belongs in the BIEE forums....

      thanks & regards