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    No handler for system event CustomHourlyEvent has been registered

      I have written a scheduled event to trigger on daily basis using CustomDaily event mentioned in the ScheduledEvent component. I have referred HowToComponents in order to write this filter. But I am getting following error in my logs and my scheduled event is not getting executed.

      <!-- IDCLOG: Error: (8/23/12 12:01 PM) !csScheduledEventUnhandled,CustomHourlyEvent!$stack trace -->
      <tr><td>Error</td><td>8/23/12 12:01 PM</td><td>No handler for system event CustomHourlyEvent has been registered. stack trace [ <a href="javascript:if(typeof show!='undefined')show('0.31115227955456604')">Details</a> ]
      <div id="0.31115227955456604" style="display:none;" class="details"><pre><code>An error has occurred. The stack trace below shows more information.

      !csScheduledEventUnhandled,CustomHourlyEvent!$stack trace
      !$stack trace
      at intradoc.common.IdcLogWriter.doMessageAppend(IdcLogWriter.java:85)
      at intradoc.common.Log.addMessage(Log.java:279)
      at intradoc.common.DefaultReportHandler.message(DefaultReportHandler.java:508)
      at intradoc.common.DefaultReportDelegator.message(DefaultReportDelegator.java:140)
      at intradoc.common.Report.messageInternal(Report.java:172)
      at intradoc.common.Report.message(Report.java:145)
      at intradoc.common.Report.error(Report.java:408)
      at intradoc.server.ScheduledSystemEvents.processWork(ScheduledSystemEvents.java:600)
      at intradoc.server.ScheduledSystemEvents.run(ScheduledSystemEvents.java:489)
      at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:619)

      Please let me know if anybody has countered the same problem while writing ScheduledEvent filter.
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          Jonathan Hult
          What does your filter code look like?

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            I didn't ask the original question, but am having the same issue.

            I have filter code that is attempting to check in documents that have been saved to a local directory. Right now I'm attempting to run the code every 5 minutes just to make sure it works. Eventually we'll want it to run once a week. The only service I am calling from the code is CHECKIN_NEW.

            So, basically, the filter is spinning up the process to retrieve XML files from a news feed and save them to the local server. For each file I call a separate method that runs the CHECKIN_NEW service.

            Every hour I see the "No handler for..." message. Do I need a handler because I'm calling CHECKIN_NEW?
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              Andrew MacNamara
              I was able to solve this issue by updating the state of the event. HowToComponents - ScheduledEvent has the following method:

              * Update the state of the event. Must be done at least once to tell the content server
              * when the scehduled event is finished.
              protected void update(String action, String msg, Workspace workspace) throws ServiceException, DataException
                   long curTime = System.currentTimeMillis();
                   ScheduledSystemEvents sse = IdcSystemLoader.getOrCreateScheduledSystemEvents(workspace);
                   sse.updateEventState(action, msg, curTime);

              Making a call to update() when my scheduled event ran solved the issue for me.