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    Unable to configure LUN in Solaris 10 (T3-1)

      Hi everyone,

      While trying to configure a LUN on Solaris 10u9, I'm running into a problem getting it configured and available in 'format'. These are the things I tried:

      -bash-3.00# cfgadm -o show_FCP_dev -al c5
      Ap_Id Type Receptacle Occupant Condition
      c5 fc-fabric connected configured unknown
      c5::200400a0b819d8c0,0 disk connected configured unknown
      c5::201400a0b8481acc,0 disk connected configured unknown
      c5::202500a0b8481acc,0 disk connected configured unknown
      c5::20340080e52e4bc4 disk connected unconfigured unknown
      c5::20350080e52e4bc4 disk connected unconfigured unknown

      And if I try to configure it:

      -bash-3.00# cfgadm -c configure c5::20340080e52e4bc4
      cfgadm: Library error: failed to create device node: 20340080e52e4bc4: Invalid argument

      Does anyone have an idea how to fix this?