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    Cannot log SR in MOS (error message)

      Dear All,

      I try to log case many times in MOS as RMA request to return faulty part but got error message as below

      Error Key: 12.08.24-02:11:31.076-6543   Internal Error  Hide

      When I click Submit Form once is Error Key always generate once

      Please kindly give advice for this.

      Thanks and regards,
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          MOS has nothing to do with these OTN forums.
          These OTN forums have nothing to do with MOS.

          These forums are NOT a way to make contact with Oracle's support.

          If you go back to whatever mechanism you use (web interface or direct-dial telephone) when you start to log a case, there must be some sort of "Contact Us" link or prompt somewhere.

          That is what you need to use for your current problem.