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    installing agent for active passive clusters?

      I have just installed 12c clound contol for a customer and now we are deploying agents. Part of the customers env includes some redhat clusters that are hosting multiple databases. In the redhat cluster environments they have configured their resources as such that each database has it's own virtual ip that will move along with the instance. This is presenting a problem for installing the agent for me. The clusters are 2 node clusters and I have pushed the agent to a virtual ip address on one of the hosts using a shared file system that can migrate to the other host and we have been able to failover the resources that make up that instance along with the agent binaries and the agent was able to startup on the other node.
      Problem is that cusomter has other databases tied to other virtual ip's and have databases running on both nodes at the same time and I am not sure what would be the best way to use the agent in this scenario? I thought of installing the agent on each host of the cluster locally but not sure what happens when the databases target that I configure on one host fail over to the other hosts or vice versa?
      Any suggestions are appreciated.
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          I have the same question. The closest thing I found was Oracle's OEM 10.2 documentation (http://docs.oracle.com/cd/B14099_19/manage.1012/b16242/configs.htm#BACEFEAH) which shows that you have to:
          - deploy agents to both physical nodes of cluster
          - delete targets that are shared (aka cluster resources)
          - deploy agent under the logical hostname of the cluster
          .. then do some configuration on OMS console to delete/ignore any clustered targets on the physical host -- they should be linked to the logical hostname.

          However, i'm trying to find an equivalent example in 12c (release 2) and for sun clusters, similar to your setup. There are three 'cluster resource groups' that are spread over two physical nodes (like your >1 databases tied to other virtual ip's). I'm this close to sending an oracle support ticket to find out where in their 12c documentation the agent active/passive config section is in the documentation... there's no equivalent to the 10g section I linked above!

          EDIT 2012-10-26: I did find a MyOracleSupport article link that gave us similar information, but not to the detail that the 10g article did: How to Install 12c Agent on Virtual Host [ID 1469995.1]

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            We have just finished updating the steps for managing active/passive targets in 12c. They will appear in the documentation in the next few days.
            Regards, Mark.
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              Who's "we" Mark, do you work for Oracle? If so do you have a link to this new documentation as I've just been on the Oracle documentation site (http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E24628_01/index.htm) and I don't see this.

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                Yes I work for Oracle. The steps are here

                Regards, Mark.
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                  Thanks Mark

                  That's what I was after.