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    BRM installation failing with RAC (pin_setup.values)


      i'm currently trying to install BRM using a RAC 11gR2 database, i've already configured a localservice pointing to the scan listener, tested it using tnsping as well as sqlplus was able to connect in both cases, however when i try to run the pin_setup script it fails as it can't connect to MAIN_DB which I have configured as follows

      $MAIN_DB{'vendor'} = "oracle";
      $MAIN_DB{'alias'} = "rac";
      $MAIN_DB{'user'} = "pin";
      $MAIN_DB{'password'} = "&aes|03|0D5E11BFDD97D2769D9B0DBFBD1BBF7EC34E38A57801EE7CDF27D885C3EF9FFAFA";
      $MAIN_DB{'Database'} = "RAC"; #"pindb";
      $MAIN_DB{'Host'} = "clusterscan.eg.oracle.com";#"$HOSTNAME";
      $MAIN_DB{'version'} = "11g";
      $MAIN_DB{'tables_group'} = "dbmt7t_pin";
      $MAIN_DB{'indexes_group'} = "dbmt7t_pinx";
      $MAIN_DB{'storage_model'} = "Small";
      $MAIN_DB{'system_user'} = "system";
      $MAIN_DB{'system_password'} = "&aes|00|0D5E11BFDD97D2769D9B0DBFBD1BBF7E7212D39DFC91E91640DCF63ABD0BCFC66B";

      The question here is how to configure pin_setup.values for rac? i wonder if any body has an example of a working pin_Setup.values file that actually works with RAC?