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    Oracle Clusterware+Timesten instalation


      i'm trying to install the clusterware to run with a timesten database in a ubuntu 12.04 64bits, however
      when i run the "sudo /clusterware/clusterware/perl/bin/perl -I/clusterware/clusterware/perl/lib -I/clusterware/clusterware/crs/install /clusterware/clusterware/crs/install/rootcrs.pl" command i get:

      [sudo] password for ngcs:
      2012-08-24 15:47:46: Parsing the host name
      2012-08-24 15:47:46: Checking for super user privileges
      2012-08-24 15:47:46: User has super user privileges
      Using configuration parameter file: /clusterware/clusterware/crs/install/crsconfig_params

      The oracle binary is currently linked with RAC disabled.
      Please execute the following steps to relink oracle binary
      and rerun the command with RAC enabled:
      cd <crshome>
      setenv ORACLE_HOME pwd
      cd rdbms/lib
      make -f ins_rdbms.mk rac_on ioracle

      when i try to activate the clusterware in the timesten i get the following error:

      Please enter a port number for the TimesTen Clusterware agent? [ 53402 ]

      Executing '/clusterware/clusterware/bin/olsnodes' ...
      /clusterware/clusterware/bin/olsnodes: error while loading shared libraries: libhasgen11.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

      ERROR: TimesTen Replication with Oracle Clusterware requires at least
      two configured nodes. '/clusterware/clusterware/bin/olsnodes'
      returned 0 configured nodes. Please check your Clusterware
      configuration and run :
      to install this feature after this installation.
      Done ...

      i really dont know what i'm missing, and i just want a Timesten database with a active-standby replication schema, however it seams that i need to configure OCR, ASM and otherthings that i don't think i'll need. What should i do?

      Thanks in advance