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    Datasource Maximum capacity in Cluster


      I have configured a datasource and assigned maximum capacity of 10 and initial capacity to 2 and targeted it to all server in a clusters(node 1 & node 2).
      now how the connections will be utilized in the clustered mode. Both the node will have maximum of 10 connection limit
      or each node will have maximum of 10 connection limit ? please clarify me.

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          Atul Kelekar
          Each node will have a maximum 10 connections. So if all connections get used, you should see 20 connections to the database. And to start with you should see 4 connections on teh database side

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            Kalyan Pasupuleti-Oracle
            Hi KK,

            Here is the proper explanation when you assigned any services to cluster then one set of services instance will be created.

            I mean like if you have 2 node in cluster and one DS with 10 Max capacity size.

            If both the server are in the cluster environment then it share the resource equally.

            So when any instance started then temporary pool will be created for that particular server and created those many connection objects.

            10 Max pool size X 2 Server in cluster = 20 Connection objects.

            This is how cluster will increase the performance your environment compare single server.

            Still you have any further query let me know.

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              Maximum Capacity

              Maximum capacity is number of allocated session in database side for WebLogic Server divide by number of WebLogic server. Example, DBA allocated 500 session for WebLogic server which has 5 server, so this config value is 500/5 = 100

              Initial Capacity

              Initial capacity mean number of initial session created when data source started. Recommended value for Initial Capacity is equal to Maximum Capacity size database connection pools. In this case WebLogic never increase the number of connections when it needed by application. Negative impact for this case is increase DB load although only few session use by WebLogic, but if impact in database side is not significant its work well.

              Mukesh Negi