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    ORA-29158: Unable to open library.


      posting here after looking around the web, and trying the suggestions.

      On my windows 32 bit , I have failed to use the ado.net library for TimesTen. The command line, sqldeveloper access works fine.

      I installed oracle client tools to have correct version of OCI, and the lib and bin directories from TimesTen are in the path.

      any ideas what could be wrong, how do I find out the exact cause of the problem.

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          Gennady Sigalaev
          Hi 954855,

          What version do you use?

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  , both on 32 bits, 64 bits windows
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              Gennady Sigalaev
              Hi 954855,

              First of all you don't need to install Oracle client separately of Oracle TimesTen, because TimesTen already contains Oracle instant client.

              Regarding ado.net library, Do you use Oracle Data Provider for .NET? You can download it from here (http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/products/timesten/downloads/index.html).

              I hope it helps.

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                Hi Gena

                That is what I tried first but had same issues. Then read in the documentation that for ado.net .net provider , times ten needs to use a different version of OCI then why ships with the times ten distribution eg see following . Thanks for help

                ODP.NET support for TimesTen depends on Oracle Call Interface (OCI) support for TimesTen. Specifically, an OCI version included with Oracle Database 11.2 releases is required. The current ODP.NET release must not, and will not, use the OCI version included with TimesTen, which is under the tt_install_dir\ttoracle_home directory, where tt_install_dir is the TimesTen installation root directory. (There is no issue, however, in using the TimesTen version of OCI for OCI or Pro*C/C++ programs that do not use ODP.NET. Refer to "TimesTen Support for Oracle Call Interface" and "TimesTen Support for Oracle Pro*C/C++ Precompiler" in Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database C Developer's Guide for information on those programming interfaces.
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                  Hi 954855,

                  Documentation says that ODP.NET uses personal libraries (OCI for instance), but in some cases you can configure ODP for using TimesTen libraries (see ID 1479921.1 for example).
                  Regarding your question, could you please check the TNS_ADMIN variable in your environment.
                  Additionally, could you please post the steps you've done.