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    OFA is installed ...Sales applicationn is registered but can not access

      Hello Fusion Apps experts, can you please help me to access Fusion Sales application. I did not find right forum and hence I am posting my qn here.

      I have completed couple of post installation tasks after successful installation of OFA. I have created IT Secuirty Manager user and able to login into home page. In the Fusion apps control, I can access all domains - Common, bi, fin, crm, scm, hcm etc. In CRM domain I see the sales server is up and running and I also see the url as http://fa.hosts1.com:9108/sales !!

      In the home page of fusion applications, when I click "Setup and Maintenance", I see all provisioned applications are visible under "Configuring Offerings". But they show implementation not started

      How will enable Sales application with default settings. I do not want to do any customization at this point. All I want is to access Sales application.

      Currently when I access it, I get WSRP Producer Test Page.

      I am sure when I provision sales application, oracle provides us at least the Sales application with default settings and configuration right ? How to access it ?

      I see the implementation guide for Sales but that's all for customization right ? It has more than 20 chapters. I do not think I need to sit and implement these 20 chapters just to access initial Sales Application.

      Please help me.


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