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    Unable to find weblogic.wsee.jws.jaxws.owsm.SecurityPolicyFeature

      I'm using WLS 10.3.4 and OSB

      I have a JAX-WS Web Service deployed on the WLS instance.

      I have a Proxy Service defined in the OSB with an OWSM Policy of oracle/wss_username_token_client_policy.

      I am attempting to create a Java Client to make use of the Web Service behind the Proxy Service with security implemented through the OWSM Policy.

      My client interface is generated by a maven plugin.

      The client implementation has the following code to inject the OWSM Policy:

      final weblogic.wsee.jws.jaxws.owsm.SecurityPolicyFeature securityFeatures =
      new final weblogic.wsee.jws.jaxws.owsm.SecurityPolicyFeature(new String[] { "oracle/wss_username_token_client_policy" });
      guest = new GuestService(serviceLocation, SERVICE_NAME).getGuest(securityFeatures);

      Where can I find the JAR that contains weblogic.wsee.jws.jaxws.owsm.SecurityPolicyFeature?