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    Web/HTTP script failing upon playback; Frames issue?

    David G.
      We are running into an issue when playing back a script created for our web based student enrollment application using the Load Testing (Protocol Automation): Web/HTTP. We have been able to record it okay, but upon playback it cannot load the Course Enrollment page. We do not have an issue with this page outside the tool.

      The page in question has two frames that include the banner across the top and then the main body where a course is selected. It appears to get stuck in the banner frame when looking for the body frame. The following error message is received:

      The node is not found for the xpath:window[@index='1']/frame//a[@text='Course Enrollment' and (@href='https://cap-app-test2.caltech.edu/regis_resp/owa2/citsss_webenr_students_pkg.main_course_enrollment?p_term_option_id=439' or @index='3')]

      Also, we'd like to know why it is recording as frames rather than a whole page. We are expecting to see the entire URL/page. Is there a preference setting for this?

      I would appreciate any feedback or thoughts. Thank you in advance.