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    Best Practices for BI, ADF and Oracle Forms installations on Weblogic

      Hi, I'm researching options on upgrading to Oracle 11g Middleware. My company currently has Oracle Forms 10g running on Oracle Application Server.

      We are interested in using Oracle Forms 11g, ADF and Jdeveloper, and Business Intelligence with Oracle's Weblogic 10.3.5.

      Is there any whitepapers or documentation on best practices for installing alll of these components together?

      For instance, can ADF ( with JSF 2.x ) be installed in the same domain as Oracle Forms 11g but use different managed servers?

      Will Business Intelligence need to be in a seperate Oracle Home with it's own weblogic installation? I spend a lot of time trying to get the JSF upgraded to 2.x in the Business Intelligence installation and could not get it to work.

      I know it's a pretty broad question but thank you for any direction on this.