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    How to synchronize File Manager Server when I install Agile on distributed?

      The Environment I install is : two Agile Server , two File manager Server ,one Web Proxy Server, one DB Server .
      The Agile version I install is Agile 9.3.1 for Linux ,the Middleware is weblogic 10.3.2 .
      Now I finish install two Agile Server ,and successful make two server compose a cluster.
      Now I will install two File manager Server ,I want to ask what's the method let me synchronize two file manager Server ?
      Does the File manager has this mechanism to let the file keep synchronize on two file manager server?

      I find a PDF name "Agile PLM Capacity Planning Guid" V 9.3.1 ,it says there are two software can synchronize file manager server , is XXCOPY and RoboCopy, but the two softwares only support Windows . Is there a software support synchronize file manager server on Linux ?

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