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    Creating custom Action history table in PO Approval Workflow notification

      I want create custom action action History table in PO Approval workflow notification.
      My issue is when the action history is too big it doesnot shows complete action history. so i am creating my custom action history table.

      But I am able to suppress the standard action history till now.

      I have defined an item attribute whose internal name is #history, type is document. I have copied this in the respective message in the workflow.
      In the perticular notification go to message-> Edit -> Body-> (Text or HTML)-> there use <BR>&#HISTORY<BR> at the end.

      This way we can suppress the standard action history.

      But now i want to generate my own custom action history table. I have set the below attribute property and writted a procedure to generate custom action history table
      wf_engine.SetItemAttrText(itemtype => p_itemtype,
      itemkey => p_itemKey,
      aname => 'ACTION_HISTORY',
      avalue => 'PACKAGE_NAME.PROCEDURE_NAME/'||p_itemKey);
      but still i am not able to get this.

      Any suggestion how to get this ??