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    Issue in Defining Document Types

      Hello everyone.
      I have a problem in defining document types : when I want to set Approval Workflow for purchase requisition document types to PO Requisition Approval, as the Oracle Purchasing User Guide says, I can not find this workflow. I am in ebs 12.1.1, fresh version.
      I have to say that I can find PO Approval workflow, which is the Approval Workflow for Standard Purchase Order, my ebs. would you please help me on this issue?
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          Search by "Item Type Name"
          By default in Vision R12.1.1 "PO Requisition Approval" should be present.

          Try running "Replicate Seede Data" report for your OU.
          Then search the WF again.


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            1. Run the "Replicate seed data"
            2. Confirm other Primary Purchasing setup are completed
            3. Navigate to document type,Make workflow start process null ,choose lov on Approval workflow and search by item type "%REQAPPRV%"

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              Sanjay Desai EBS
              Hi Arif/Arun,

              what is purpose of "Replicate Seeded Data" ?
              Which respobsibility I have used to run the same .
              At my end, I have checked at System Administrator level but not found .

              regards & thanks in advance
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                The purpose of the Replicate Seed Data Concurrent Program is to populate the Installed modules seeded values, so that new organizations can use the seeded data.

                Whenever new Organizations are created (under the Multi-org Setup, which is mandatory), running Replicate Seed data is a pre-requisite step before you can start working in the newly created organization.

                The Replicate Seed Data Concurrent Program can be run for a particular Operating Unit or for all Operating Units (as it is not mandatory parameter) but you cannot run the program for a particular module, for example, Incentive Compensation.

                Please reference the Replicate Seed Data step in the Oracle E-Business Suite Multiple Organizations
                Implementation Guide for more information.

                The concept of the program is that whenever new organizations are created they should be should have seeded data from all relevant modules for normal integration among the modules. The seeded data is basic data needed to perform basic steps when setting up a new organization.

                Running this program will not damage the system because it is providing a new organization with the basic information required to set up the organization.

                Note: When running the Replicate Seed Data process ensure no users are logged-in.
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                  Sanjay Desai EBS
                  Dear Paarthy ,

                  Thanks a lot for sharing your valuable knowledge.

                  I would like to know Responsibility/Navigation Path is used to run the "Replicate Seed Data" Program.

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                    Hi Sanjay,
                    For the System Adminstrator responsibility"Request Group" called "System Administrator Reports" add the program "Replicate Seed Data" then launch the request for your OU.

                    Navigation : System Adminstrator-->Security-->Responsibility-->Request.