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    Move 11gR2 OWB database to new server

      I'm running an 11gR2 database with OWB. There a some developers working on it, they have their workspaces, control centers and such (I never work with OWB myself).
      Now we need to move the database to a new host, new hostname and new IP.

      Moving the database itself is no problem. But what further steps are there involved for OWB? I have found the following:

      * The tnsnames.ora on the (separate) server running the OWB Client has to be adapted.
      * There is a table OWBSYS.WB_RT_SERVICE_NODES that has to be updated (1 row, new hostname).
      * There is a script @?/owb/rtp/sql/UpdateLocation.sql. This script should be run??? Some parameters are obvious, but some are not. Is it possible to view the current parametersettings somewhere, or should I ignore this UpdateLocation.sql?

      Are there more things to change?

      Any help greatly appreciated.