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    SQL table or Txt file as target


      I have been asked my my IT department if FDM can have a Sql table or a txt file as a target instead of using the normal EPM products like esbase/hfm.
      They like the interface as a user friendly interface for collecting data and validating data from numerus sources.

      We are trying to collect invoicing data from our subsiduaries, to produce one electronic invoice to our customer.

      Does anyone have any experiences with this - and is this something they could recommend.

      Is htis perhaps more a job for ODI?

      Kind regards

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          There is a Data Mart Adapter that will export the data from FDM to a flat file for import into another system. If you have purchased the FDM Adapter Suite Licensing, you can look into this adapter.
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            Stuart Game
            Hi Per

            There are other adapters for FDM so you do not have to use exclusively HFM / Essbase as targets. It sounds as though you may be interested in the 'Pull' adapter, please see the Oracle readme doc for one of the latest versions of that:


            Essentially it imports to FDM as normal (stored in its underlying relational schema be it SQL or Oracle) and then outputs to text file I believe as standard but I'm sure that you could amend that if required to be a relational target.

            One thing to note is that some of the features of the HFM adapter in particular regarding FDM checking HFM for valid target intersections / members won't be there but you can I believe load a table of valid values into FDM and use that as a replacement to that feature.

            Worth a look at least to compare against ODI. ODI will be able to perform similar tasks but as you suggest may not be as end user friendly (in my opinion / experience).
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