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    Can we build custom code in xsl-xml

      Hi, We are using one of the .xml dump which is stored as a row in the table iby_trxn_documents

      We are mapping .xsl (a custom template with the above .xml tags)

      We are getting the below tags in .xml (which is stored in table iby_trxn_documents) but the value is not populated in the tags,

      We have build one one sequence in the database, where we need to map the incremented value of the sequence in that place.

      My (xml looks like any of the below two options)
      - <PaymentSequence>
      <SequenceName />
      <LastValue />
      In this case i am getting output as W

      - <PaymentSequence>

      in this case i am getting output as W1, but for next run i want it as W2 etc... or is there any option we can get incremented values in <Creation_Module>

      as my above value is coming null, in my output also i am getting null.
      Is there a way i can get the value of sequence in my xsl template.

      I am writing some thing like this in my (.xsl)
      - <Creation_Module>
      <xsl:value-of select="concat('W',/PaymentSequence/LastValue)" />

      For every run i want this last value to be incremented by 1
      Appreciate if some one has any knowledge in this.


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