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    Deployment to Andoid simulator hangs

      I opened my beta one application in JDeveloper after upgrading to beta refresh.
      I'm trying to deploy the app to the Android emulator.
      It takes on minute to get to the signing step and then it hangs... and hangs .....and hangs

      [09:08:44 PM] Signing application...

      It shouldn't take 15 minutes right ? So I aborted the deployment.

      Jdev informs me that I'm aborting deployment, but I'll have to wait for the current step to complete.... (which is not going to happen)

      [09:08:44 PM] Signing application...
      [09:26:12 PM] Cancel requested
      [09:26:12 PM] Waiting for the current deployment step to complete...

      I decided to 'kill' JDev to abort the deployment.

      Any hints on how to proceed from here ?

      [SPECS: Running Jdeveloper on Windows7 64 bit
                  AVD using Android  API 14]