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    How to change Default setting AutoCommit to 0 in Procedure or in Connecting

      [tttest@host1 ~]$ ttisql "dsn=ana_tt1122"

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      Type ? or "help" for help, type "exit" to quit ttIsql.

      connect "dsn=ana_tt1122";

      Warning 20000: Use of a deprecated feature: Authenticate (ignored)

      Connection successful: DSN=ana_tt1122;UID=tttest;DataStore=/timesten/TimesTen/tt1122/info/ana/ana;DatabaseCharacterSet=ZHS16GBK;ConnectionCharacterSet=ZHS16GBK;DRIVER=/timesten/TimesTen/tt1122/lib/libtten.so;OracleId=ABCD;PermSize=1200;TempSize=500;TypeMode=0;OracleNetServiceName=ABCD;
      (Default setting AutoCommit=1)

      The "Default setting AutoCommit=1",I can modify it only later using :
      Command> autocommit 0;

      But, I want to know: Can I set the "Default setting AutoCommit=0"? When I connect the DSN? or Can I set "Default setting AutoCommit=0" in a procedure ? Because sometime I maybe want to change it in procedure.

      Thanks very.