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    AIA VS Data Integrator


      First of all, I'm sorry, I'm novice in this product.

      I have to implement an interface between multiples Legacy systems and PeopleSoft (differents sources but only one integration point in Peoplesoft).
      This Interface will process a lot's of data during the night.

      Should I have to use AIA or it's better to use Oracle Data Integrator in this case (or maybe the both)?
      I don't really know cases where I can use AIA.

      Thank you in advance.

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          Ziaur Rahuman
          Hi Jerome,

          AIA versus Data Integrator decision depends on the below requirments.

          1) Volume of Transaction
          2) Type of integration
          3) Reusability

          As per your comment, it seems large volume of data's are processed in point to point basis. So It's better to use Data Integrator tool.

          Refer below link for more understanding.


          Ziaur Rahuman S