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Could I take 1Z0-051 and 1Z0-047 together?

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Hi, I am currently planning to take a Oracle PL/SQL Developer Certified Associate. At first, I plan to take the path of 1Z0-047 + 1Z0-144 which leads to this certification, because the 1Z0-047 itself is also leading to another cert (Oracle SQL Expert cert). So if I take this path, I would end up with two certifications (Oracle SQL Expert cert and PL/SQL Developer Certified Associate)

However, people keep on telling me that 1Z0-047 is very difficult, saying that 1Z0-051 is much easier if I want to guarantee a PL/SQL Developer Certified Associate.

So, is it possible that I take all three exams (1Z0-051, 1Z0-047, 1Z0-144)? I am thinking that taking 1Z0-051 as a kind of "practice" because it is an online exam and the exam scope looks easy to me. Also I have some budgets allocated to me so I don't mind spend a little bit extra money to Oracle exams.

I'm just wondering whether two of them (051, 047) are mutually exclusive in the exam policy or something.
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    So, is it possible that I take all three exams (1Z0-051, 1Z0-047, 1Z0-144)?
    Yes, you may take both 1Z0-051 and 1Z0-047. In fact, I would highly recommend taking 1Z0-051 before taking 1Z0-047. You have heard correctly, 047 is a much more difficult exam and requires a considerably higher level of SQL experience/knowledge. If you look at the study topics for both tests, you'll see that 1Z0-047 includes essentially all of the topics from 1Z0-051, and has another thirty-some topics in addition. Studying for 1Z0-051 is in itself preparation for taking the expert test. I discuss the two exams in an article here:


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