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    Compatibility between UCM 10g/SES10g and Oracle DB 11g/12c


      We are looking for migrate our database in 11g or 12c and I have some questions about the compatibility between the versions. (We have a 10g version)

      - Does UCM and SES 10g is compatible with the database 11g and 12c ?
      - What is the benefits of weblogic ?
      - What are the major changes between UCM 10g and UCM 11g/12c ?
      - Is that the stability is improved ?
      - What are the major changes between SES 10g and SES 11g/12c ?
      - Does SES include a new API ? Is it faster ?
      - Does the data format updated ?
      - Which is the benefits to migrate to a new database release ?
      - Is it mandatory ? Or just to keep all product aligned in term of version (all 11G or higher product)

      Thanks everybody for your answers.
      Best regards,