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    M5000 Memory Config Rules

    todd s

      Iv'e been reading the M5000 Service Manual, XSCF Manual and I'm unclear about the memory configuration rules. Our M5000 is configured as a single domain with half of the server populated. 2 CPU boards and 4 Memory Boards. Each board has 8 x 2GB dimms for 64GB total. We would like to add another 2 Memory Boards (each 8 x 2GB).

      This is where the confiusion is, the Configuration Rules say each XSB must have 1, 2 or 4 Memory Boards. But in a UNI-XSB configuration is the whole server one XSB? Can I just add the new memory boards to the next two open slots on the other half? Or do we have to move one of the CPU Boards to the other half of the server? Or is this not possible at all?

      Thanks for any info.

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          One XSB on M5000 must include:
          - 1 or 2 CPU board ( 2 or 4 CPU corresponding)
          - 1 - 4 MemBoard
          - 1 IO board.

          It's look like you server have only one IO board so you can confgiure only one XSB and can't add additional MemBoard.

          M5000 can consist 1 or 2 XSB ( depending of configuration. Main limitation - number of IO boards)

          You can buy 1 additional IO-board and 2 ( or requird number ) MemB.
          Move one CPU board to another half of ther server and configure additional XSF.

          XSB 0 ( uni-mode) : 1 CPU-Board ; 4 MemB ; 1 IO
          XSB 1 ( uni-mode) : 1 CPU-Board ; 2 MemB ( new) ; 1 IO (new)