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    Siebel Native load balance

    gmilitel - oracle
      Hi Experts

      we have two siebel servers load balancing FINS and eCommunications OMs.

      When we take one server down the access to the application is still available, we can login into both applications, when we go to Administration - Server Management - Enterprise we saw that one server is down, after taking the server up again we cannot view the server green again, we need to relogon to see the server green again. Is that a normal behavior on siebel load balancing?

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          Yes, its normal behavior. The same will happen if you connect to enterprise via srvrmgr and type list servers. Once you bring up another server and reconnect to srvrmgr, they both will show as up&running.

          Basically, in moment when you run srvrmgr command or access Server Management screen via GUI it shows current (in that moment) fetched information.