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    ORA-12514 error: Instant Client 11 connect to remote Oracle 8i

      I encountered a problem that I have spent hours fixing that. Here is the problem:

      I am trying to connect to a remote Oracle 8i server using Oracle 11 instant client: here is my connection string in PHP:

      *$conn = oci_connect('db_user', 'db_pass', "db_ip/db_service");*

      db_ip is the ip of the server, such as "". db_service is the service of server, such as "test".

      The error shown is "*ORA-12514:* TNS:listener does not currently know of service requested in connect descriptor"

      I could use the same client to connect to another oracle 10g server. The php code is same, only change the db_user or db_pass or db_ip. db_service is not provided.

      I dont use tnsnames.ora for either oracle *10g s*erver or oracle 8i server. I just use the simple IP of server. Does this matter?

      Server using: Windows Server 2008 R2
      PHP: php 5.2.17
      Oracle Instant Client: 11_2

      Any ideas will be appreciated.

      Best, Sam