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    SSL problems with SGD 4.6

      Dear all!

      We have some problems with network setting or OSGD setting.

      We can connect to OSGD and open the application server's desktop with most of computers.
      But when we try to connect it with a computer which is in a proxy farm, an error shows up.

      As I track to the Error.log I got these messages.(with lots of copies but different time)

      2012/08/23 14:25:13.323 ssl3486 ssldaemon/handshake/failederror
      Oracle Secure Global Desktop (4.62) ERROR:

      TSP=xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:5307 Client=xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx.:43046
      The client has established a TCP connection but failed to negotiate
      an SSL connection. Connection closed by Secure Global Desktop Security Daemon.
      Reported SSL error: http request
      Check the client supports SSL.
      Web browsers must support JDK 1.1. ssldaemon/handshake/failederror

      I am sincerely sorry, due to some reasons i have to wipe the IP out and just left the port.

      Please help me if you have some ideas of that.

      Thank you so much!

      Kind Regards