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    Pradeep Navin Kumar
      Hi all,
      Can anyone explainthe need for wf_notification.send.

      wf_notification.send (ROLE => to_role,
      msg_type => 'HRWPM',
      msg_name => 'HR_WPM_SC_TRNSF_SUCC',
      callback => NULL,
      CONTEXT => NULL,
      send_comment => NULL,
      priority => 50

      wf_notification.setattrtext (ln_notification_id, 'MGR_NAME', from_name);
      wf_notification.setattrtext (ln_notification_id, 'SCORECARD_NAME',
      I saw this in one standard package and was wondering what is its purpose. someone please tell me what inputs we should have to give. Its urgent please help me.

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          Saroja Kandepuneni-Oracle
          The API wf_notification.send() can be used to send a notification of given workflow item type and message name to the required user/role.

          ROLE --> The user/role name for which the notification has to be sent.
          msg_type --> workflow item type
          msg_name --> notification message name
          priority --> the message priority

          wf_notification.setattrtext() can be used to set the given attribute value for the specified notification id.
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