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    Oracle EDQ Real time Integration


      Will it be possible to create 1:m relationship WSDL file in EDQ. I have a requirement where Customer is the Parent entity and other child entities such as Address, References, Privacy preferences etc. would have a multiple entries for one customer record.
      The default process to create a Web services, creates a 1:1 WSDL only. Is there any other approach to create a WSDL with 1:M relationship in EDQ?

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          Hi Rajesh,

          Your question is very unclear - perhaps you could be more clear on what you are trying to achieve?

          There is no 'default process to create a web service' that assumes 1:1. The wizard for creating web services allows you to tick a box on either the input or output interfaces of the web service to enable multiple records. Typical examples are:

          1. Record cleaning services 1:1
          2. Record clustering services 1:M (driving record in, many cluster keys out)
          3. Reference matching services: 1:M (working record in, matching reference records returned)
          4. Matching services M:M (driving and candidate records in, matching records returned)

          Where you are dealing with hierarchical data, you may need to use the capabilities in EDQ to consolidate or split records. EDQ works with a flat record structure but can easily consolidate or split records at several phases of a process.