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    How to use Mojarra 2.1.12 "Pluggable Facelet cache mechanism"?


      How can I use Mojarras new "Pluggable Facelet cache mechanism"?

      I didnt find any hints how to use this "new" feature.

      I am trying to go stateless with JSF, to have the Views cached.

      So far I have an own implementation, but if Mojarra 2.1.12 brings it out of the box better!

      Where is the description how to use it? I didnt find anything.

      any examples?

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      I found:
      public abstract boolean isFaceletCached(URL url);

      is that solution reall based only on the url? no discriminator to handle different includes in the same facelet?
      as far as I can read it requires to implement the cache yourself, is that right?
      or is there a default impl?
      (DefaultFaceletFactory uses HashMap ... not threadsafe)
      I also found some deprected Code in usage....
      com.sun.faces.facelets.FaceletCache is supposed to be depricated, but still used in Mojarra 2.1.12 impl.in method ApplicationAssociate.createFaceletFactory